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"When I told Data-Com what I needed in a library website, they came up with ideas and solutions that I never would have thought of, including tools I now use all the time that help users get the information they need. I also needed a website design that would allow me to easily manage all of library's online resources without having to know HTML. Data-Com's design for my library website allows me to add, delete and move resources in mere seconds. It makes being the webmaster of the library website a fun and easy job. "

Twila Snead
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

Give your library new life by creating a library website that is physician friendly
  • Physicians are able to log directly into web pages created with resources specifically for them.
  • Physician resources are all in one area and are easy to access.
  • Specialty quick links are on the Physician Home Page linking the physician with specific resources related to their specialty, such as books, journals, practice guidelines, news, CME and organizations.
Users can find information easily by creating pages for specific user types
  • Nursing page can have direct links to Nursing resources and nursing specialty quick links.
  • Clinical Staff can have quick links to their departments with specific resources linked to the individual departments, such as resources for Dietary, HIMS, Infection Control, Physical Therapy, etc
  • Administrators can have their resources linked directly to web pages designed for them.
Creating access to your resources from anywhere
  • Library website on the Intranet with access behind a firewall, but without having to log in.
  • Library website on the Internet with access through a Login and Password.
  • Both Intranet & Internet sites are identical.
  • Can create a Consumer Health Home Page if desired.
  • Remote access to resources available through Ezproxy.
  • Provides website and Ezproxy hosting.
  • Continuous data protection through remote hosting.
Being the library website Webmaster
  • The ability to make changes effortlessly.
  • Move information and resources around on the website or up or down on a page with ease.
  • Add or remove resources quickly and simply.
  • The ability to gather usage statistics on all your resources.
  • The ability to know how many users and what type of users are using the website, such as physician, nurse, clinical staff, administrator, etc.
Finding the funding for creating and hosting your library website
  • Include in your budget a one-time line item for creating your website.
  • If you cannot budget for creating a website request the funding from the physicians as this will benefit them tremendously.
  • Seek Technology Grants from NNLM or other local Grants. Speak to your hospital foundation about where grant money can be found.
  • Speak with Data-Com about a Payout Plan.
  • Budget for hosting your website and Ezproxy.

A library solution for major hospital libraries. We link doctors, nurses, patrons, patients and library staff with library resources.

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